Moen Golf Center and Moen Golf Club have existed since 1992, currently with approximately 530 members. Due to the beautiful location and the excellent standard of the course, it is well visited by both Danish and foreign guests. Moen Krolfklub has also a 12 hole course at the center.

On the 1st January 2010 the course was bought from "Proark Golf" by 2 couples who were already working at Moen Golf Center.

Richard Frances, the Golf Professional and his wife Claire, together with Greenkeeper Steen Andersen and his wife Gitte, are in charge of the daily running of the golf course, clubhouse, shop, café and golf training.

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you need to get in touch with us +45 55 81 32 60

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Our beautiful, challenging 18 hole golf course, lies in harmony with nature around Stege Nor. Several of the holes are close to the reeds and water, while others are on higher ground with spectacular views. After the 9th hole there is a small house with toilet and the possibility to buy drinks. 

Moen Golf Center has a 9 hole par 3 course, which is pay & play, and also a 12 hole krolf course. We  can therefore offer golf to everyone, whether or not you have tried it before. Our skilled Golf Pro offers training for companys or groups of friends and also golf schools and individual training. We have rental equipment, trolleys and golf buggys. The club house is modern with bathing facilities, free towels and lockers. We have a well stocked golfshop and the secretary is open daily during the season and open reduced hours during the winter. The Golf Café is open from 1st April until 31st october serving lunch and drinks during the day.

Hotel Præstekilde is right at the side of the course and Stege Nor, with beautiful views over the golf course.

See more info here www.Praestekilde.dk



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