Statutes of Møn Krolfklub

Moen Krolf Club founded December 11, 2014

Board Moen Krolf Club

Chairman: Lone Zacho Hansen
Treasurer: Gitte Andersen Nohr
Secretary: Claire Frances

Substitute: Edith Andersen
auditor: Grete Nøhr Hansen
Accountant alternate Kirsten Dahl

The club playing Monday and Thursday. 10:00

Quota per. years kr. 450, -

Anyone who wants to join can come and sample 3 times for free before they have to join and can borrow equipment the 3 times.

Statutes of Moen Krolf Club



§ 1
The association's name is Mon Krolf Club.
The association was founded December 11, 2014.
The association is connected Danish Krolf Union and are subject to its laws and regulations.

§ 2
The association is based at Moen in Vordingborg municipality.

§ 3
of the Association are:
to cultivate krolf based on community and social life at the club.
to publicize this sport.

§ 4
As a member, the Board may record any krolf interested person. If you are a member of more than one Krolf Club, select a home club. New potential members can try to be with 3 times for free before they have to join the club

§ 5
fee is set at the Annual General Meeting. This quota consists of a game against the Moen Golf Center and a club amounts to Moen Krolf Club. Playing Court shall be determined by Moen Golf Center, which also collects the quota annually in the first week of March.

§ 6
A member can be expelled if their behavior is contrary to the association's statutes, or the member of particularly serious manner has failed to fulfill its membership obligations.
In cases of exclusion member has the right to be heard before the Board makes its decision.
In addition, the member claims that whatsoever decided at the next general meeting, and that this be put on the agenda as a separate item. A General Assembly upon the exclusion require the same majority as amending the articles of the association.

§ 7
The Annual General Meeting
General Assembly is the supreme authority in all matters.
The annual general meeting is held once a year by the end of February, the first time in 2016.
Access to the general meeting, all members of the association, and to whom the board may invite. Voting rights are all active members who are not in the quota arrears. There can only vote in person.
The General Assembly convened with at least 2 weeks' notice per. email or by. letter to members stating the agenda and proposals received.
Proposals to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be submitted in writing to the Board no later than two weeks before the general meeting. Is that proposal received, forwarded these to members with the agenda so that the members no later than one week before the general meeting.
A timely convened General Meeting constitutes a quorum regardless of the number met.

§ 8
Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include at least the following points:

1) Election of chairman and secretary.
2) Directors' report for the past year.
3) Presentation of the audited accounts for approval.
4) Presentation of the Board's budget for the coming year for approval.
5) Determination of quotas.
6) Consideration of proposals.
7) Election of Board members and alternates.
8) Election of Annex inspector and Annex inspector alternate.

§ 9
General Assembly management, etc.
The General Assembly shall elect its chairman to not be a member of the board. Decisions are taken by simple majority. However require amendments and decision on dissolution of the association a qualified majority, cf. § 15 and § 16.
Eligible to board members who are 18 years old and have voting rights, cf. § 7.
Selection and polls conducted in writing, if just one member requires this.

§ 10
Extraordinary General Meeting
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Board and shall be convened when
at least 1/5 of the association's voting members in writing to the Board makes
so request, specifying the subject to be discussed. The General Assembly must be held within four weeks after receipt of the call. For the call, meeting management, polls, etc. The same provisions as for the AGM.

§ 11
Board of Directors - Selection
Board's association management and represents the association in all conditions. The Board may appoint necessary committees to deal with ongoing or individual tasks.
The board consists of a president, a treasurer and additional 1medlem elected for a 2 year period of the AGM. The Board consists of a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5 members.

§ 12
Rules of procedure and preemptive
board elects its own chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, secretary, etc.
The Board shall adopt its rules of procedure.
The Board is only a quorum by simple majority and the President is present. Be drawn up for board meetings.
The association signed by the President. In the financial decisions made by kr. 5000, - required, however signature of the president and treasurer of the association.

§ 13
accounts of the association is the calendar year.
The Board shall in good time before the Annual General Meeting submit management accounts for the previous year and the balance sheet. 31 December to Annex inspector, first per. 31.12.2015.
Accounts and the status submitted to the AGM for approval and shall be provided with bilagskontrollantens endorsement and signature.

§ 14
The Annual General Meeting elected for one year at a time a schedule inspector and a deputy.
Annex inspector shall annually by the General Assembly review the accounts and ensure that stocks are present. Revision form is accounting audit and trading account and status endorsed. Annex inspector has access at any time to inspect accounts and holdings.

§ 15
Amendments to the statutes can happen at any general meeting if at least 2/3 of the voting members vote for the proposal.

§ 16
Dissolution of the association
Determination of dissolution of the association can only be taken on for this specific convened an extraordinary general meeting. To this quorum required that at least 2/3 of the association's voting members are present. To be adopted, requires that at least ¾ of the votes cast for the resolution. If this majority at a general meeting, no quorum, convened a new general meeting at which decisions may be made with the above majority of votes, regardless of the attendance number of voting members.
Upon dissolution of the association awarded the Association's assets and property to charity after the general meeting.

Minutes of the inaugural general meeting on 11 December 2014.

18 attendance

1. Election of chairman was Gitte Andersen Nohr

2. Election of the Claire Frances

3. Registration of attendance: Registration forms were submitted and 16 were completed.

4. Review of the statute, which was amended and restated
Point 2 and Section 4.

5. The statutes approved with two amendments.

6. Determination of the quota. Play Rite Moen Golf Center is
kr. 400 and club contribution is kr. 50, -. The total quota
per. member per. year is kr. 450, -.

7. Election of Board Members: Lone Zacho Hansen
(chairman) and Claire Frances and Gitte Andersen Nohr, so the board is a total of 3 members.

8. Alternate was Edith Andersen

9. The auditor was Grete Nøhr Hansen and deputy auditor was
Kisten Dahl.

10. The attendance was the enrollment forms with them, who could not attend this day, but want membership.



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